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December 2014

Large Red Damselfly © Dan Lombard

2014 Review Of The Year Part VI: Dragonflies And Damselflies

  • Wed 31st Dec, 2014

Typically, the beginning of the odonata season this year kicked off with the emergence of Large Red Damselflies at a number of sites, including a recently colonised pond in Filey.

Peacock © Dan Lombard

2014 Review Of The Year Part V: Butterflies

  • Sun 28th Dec, 2014

As is often the case with wildlife watching, a quiet period is followed by a rush of sightings. This was certainly the case in March when the first butterflies of the year were recorded on our spring Forest Safaris as we watched Crossbill, Goshawk and Adder!

Great Crested Newt © Dan Lombard

2014 Review Of The Year, Part IV: Reptiles And Amphibians

  • Sat 27th Dec, 2014

With consistent stable frost-free night time temperatures of above or around 5oC during mid-February, the amphibian season got off to an early start in 2014 for the YCN team and clients.

Otter in a Yorkshire River © Dan Lombard

2014 Review Of The Year, Part III: Terrestrial Mammals

  • Fri 26th Dec, 2014

Mammals are typically the most elusive creatures on our tours, Nevertheless, we recorded an impressive 30 species of terrestrial mammal on tours this year, giving clients some fantastic close-up views of a group of animals which can be hard to observe.

Wood Tiger North York Moors © Dan Lombard

2014 Review Of The Year Part II: Insects

  • Thu 25th Dec, 2014

AT YCN we love finding insects and helping clients identify and learn about their amazing life cycles. We are always on the lookout for these fantastic beasts especially on our National Park Safaris.