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Snow Bunting © Steve Race

What To Look Out For - November 2015

  • Thu 29th Oct, 2015

Our gardens and woodlands can be great places for wildlife, especially as winter moves in and many animals seek refuge on the edge of our countryside. Many mammals change their habits this month.

Yellow-browed Warbler at Filey © Lucy Murgatroyd

Wildlife Sightings - September 2015

  • Wed 14th Oct, 2015

Seabirds were the focus of birders attention early in the month. Storm Petrel, Sabines Gull and four species of Shearwater had flown past Spurn by the 6th including a single Cory’s Shearwater to the delight of a lucky few at the Migration Festival!

Common Darter © Dan Lombard

What To Look Out For - October 2015

  • Tue 29th Sep, 2015

October is the month many millions of birds in the vast northern European forests prepare for their North Sea crossing. It’s a great month to look out for arrivals of Blackbirds, Song Thrush, Redwing and Fieldfare.