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Black-headed Jay © Steve Race

Northern India Trip 2016. Part 1 Delhi To Binsar

  • Sun 4th Dec, 2016

You never know what’s going to appear in front of your bird hide in India……

Song Thrush © Richard Baines

What To Look Out For - December 2016

  • Sat 26th Nov, 2016

Winter sun is a precious commodity as daylight becomes shorter towards the solstice on the 21st December. For the majority of wildlife, shorter days and colder temperatures mean less food so definitely not the month to be giving birth.

Siberian Accentor © Mark Pearson

Wildlife Sightings - October 2016

  • Tue 8th Nov, 2016

Well, where do you start? Perhaps by apologizing for the severely bird-heavy round-up this month …. but with October 2016 being one of the best ever months for rare and scarce birds on the East coast, and with Yorkshire at the forefront of the action, it would be foolish to do otherwise.

Continental Robin and British Robin © Martin Garner

What To Look Out For - November 2016

  • Tue 18th Oct, 2016

In our temperate maritime climate, autumn often slowly merges with winter as October comes to a close and November arrives. In the colder days many birds and other animals come closer to towns and into our gardens or in search of food.

Wildlife Sightings - September 2016

Wildlife Sightings - September 2016

  • Mon 3rd Oct, 2016

The first few days of the month were very quiet for songbird migration with very low totals at most coastal sites, it looked like Europe’s breeding birds were staying put for the time being.