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Yellow-browed Warbler at Flamborough © Richard Baines

Birds Without Borders

  • Thu 19th Sep, 2019

Birds have no physical borders to movement, no boundaries to their migration. They can fly anywhere they like. Imagine that, total freedom of movement…

Alan Hunt with his donated Turtle Dove original art work

Turtle Dove Art Auction For Conservation

  • Mon 9th Sep, 2019

Two different art auctions will be raising money to help save the region’s endangered turtle doves this September, with the creators ranging from celebrated wildlife artists to actors and TV presenters.

White-beaked Dolphin Staithes 03-08-18 © Mark Pearson

Whales In Yorkshire? Don’t Be Daft!

  • Wed 31st Jul, 2019

This is our fifth year running our Yorkshire Coast Nature trips in partnership with Real Staithes; skipper Sean Baxter, Patricia Baxter and family, so it’s time to celebrate and reflect on our adventures.

Mark and Kate with some of the 60 Filonian nature detectives!

Filey School And YCN

  • Sat 27th Jul, 2019

Here at Yorkshire Coast Nature, what we give back has always been (and always will be) at the centre of what we do.

Queen of Spain Fritillary (female) © Richard Baines

The Pearly Queen

  • Sat 20th Jul, 2019

In natural history there is nothing quite like the hypnotic effect a gleaming butterfly has on our psyche.