Bhutan Feb 2020 Client Reviews

  • Wed 6th May, 2020

These are the Review emails sent to YCN and Red Panda after the February 2020 Bhutan Trip. It was wonderful to read what a great time everyone had. 

Thank you again, for a really terrific holiday in Bhutan – you, Norbu and his team(s) looked after us very well, and snow and impassable passes notwithstanding, we had excellent birding and oversight of Bhutan.

In fact, I think I am with Harry = the plan B’s enhanced the cultural opportunities, and the visit to Norbu’s mother’s house was really special.

This was my first overseas birding trip, and I really enjoyed it...after blowing my mind for the first few days (so many, many new species to get my head round)!!! Your knowledge, the background you gave about different birds’ habits and habitats really added to it – ably assisted by Norbu (and Tenzin – spotter extraordinaire!).

Thanks too for you tips on photographing birds, which I really appreciated. So – altogether excellent!

In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I would definitely like to go back next year – on the April, May trip, please...I have already booked the time off from work!

Jan Deck

Dear Richard, hope your homeward journey wasn’t to tedious, and the journey from the airport to home went with no hitches. Many thanks for the detailed trip report, it’ll be a great help in identifying our images and will be a great reminder of a wonderful expedition. I thought it great, a super bunch of people, couldn’t have been a better group if you’d handpicked then, wonderful birds, amazing scenery and probably the best guides you could wish for.

I know all didn’t go to plan, but for me, I think the ‘Plan B’s ‘produced a better understanding of Bhutan, I really loved lunch at Norbu’s family home and meeting his relatives.

I’m looking forward to spending some time with my images, I was judging at Whitby yesterday and have Bridlington on Monday but after that I hope to be able to enjoy my images. Many thanks to Ian and Kevin for sharing some of their images, I hope to reciprocate.

Harry kingman

Hope everyone is keeping safe and well in these very strange times. Our wonderful trip to Bhutan seems a long time ago. Despite having so much time on our hands we have still not sorted photos properly. Have enjoyed looking through the photos that have been put up on line.

Thank you, Richard, for the trip report. We hope Yorkshire Coast nature is managing in these very difficult times. Take care stay well stay safe.

Jonathan Roddick

Richard, many thanks for the write up, a great memory of a wonderful trip. It will also come in very handy for labelling my photos. Thanks once again to everyone for their company and sense of humour on the trip.

Ian Slingsby