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Nature And Photography Of The Kumaon Hills

  • North-East India

Saturday 4th March – Saturday 18th March 2017

The mountains, forests, lakes and beautiful villages of North east India occupy one of the last great wilderness areas of Asia. Unspoilt and wild in the foothills of the Himalaya, a truly irresistible destination for nature and photography! Our exclusive tour led by highly experienced ecologist Richard Baines and award winning professional wildlife photographer Steve Race is a wonderful opportunity to join a small group with the aim of creating an unforgettable experience. You will learn about the wildlife, see and identify fantastic birds, butterflies and mammals and have the opportunity to capture some amazing images of Asia’s finest flora and fauna.

Destinations Include: NainitalKathdhara and Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary and Corbett Tiger Reserve

Uttarakhand, named after the goddess Naina Devi, is often referred to as the lake district of India and is and set amongst the mountains of the great Nanda Devi massif. Over 250 species of birds have been recorded in the Nainital area alone! Habitats include: dense forests of thick ban-oak, pine and rhododendron trees, gardens overflowing with sweet smelling flowers and mountain meadows.

The area has a high population of songbirds in many colours and forms. Flycatchers include Ultramarine FlycatcherRufous-bellied Niltava and Verditer Flycatcher. The stunning Orange-headed ThrushWedge-tailed Green Pigeon, Rusty-cheeked Scimitar BabblerSpotted ForktailStreaked Laughing Thrushes and White-browed Shrike Babblers are just a few of the many gorgeous species close to our accommodation. Streams and rivers are great places for White-capped Water Redstarts and Plumbeous Redstarts. Speciality species include the striking Koklass which is a unique grouse in its own genus.

In the hills there is always the possibility of seeing one of the most magnificent vultures in the world the Lammergeier.   Kathdhara village has dramatic views over valleys and the Pancha Chulli range. Habitats include terraced fields, orchards and farms. This can be a great place for views of Woodpeckers and Bee-eaters such as Blue-tailed Bee-eaterHimalayan and Brown-fronted Woodpecker and lots of other species such as the gorgeous Blue-capped Redstart.  Binsar is a great place for partridge and pheasants with Kelij-PheasantCheer-Pheasant, Koklass-Pheasant, Hill-PartridgeRufous-throated Partridge and Bush-Quail.

The world famous Corbett National Park is a wonderful destination for wildlife. Tigers will be one of our priority species using local expert guides to seek out the best views and photography possible. Other fantastic mammals here include: LeopardJackalIndian Elephant and Wild Boar. This is a great place for raptors with Lesser Fish EagleCrested Serpent Eagle and Changeable Hawk Eagle. Other beautiful birds include Crested KingfisherSlaty Woodpecker and the amazing Great Hornbill which has to be seen to be believed! These are just a few of the amazing wildlife spectacles which await our trip to this unique area. 


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Nature and Photography of the Kumaon Hills

Steve Race Steve is an award-winning professional wildlife photographer based in Scarborough, North Yorkshire. He has been a keen naturalist and photographer for over 30 years, lived on the Yorkshire Coast all of his life and believes there is no better place for variety of habitats and amazing wildlife.… Read More »

Nature and Photography of the Kumaon Hills

Richard Baines Richard is an experienced ornithologist/ecologist who has been studying and working as a Wildlife Guide and in Nature Conservation for over 30 years. From recording UK migrant birds as a volunteer for Flamborough Bird Observatory to monitoring Siberian migrants in China; he has become highly… Read More »