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Wold Ecology Ltd.

Wold Ecology Ltd. is a professional company providing a bespoke service for environmental management and a range of specialised advice aimed at integrating business with nature. Its work includes:

European Protected Species Surveys of bats, birds, Great Crested Newts, Water Voles, Badgers, crayfish and fungi; Phase 1 and Phase 2 NVC habitat surveys; landscape character assessment and environmental impact assessments.

Environmental Grant Applications: Natural England Higher Level Stewardship Scheme (HLS), Farm Environmental Plans, English Woodland Grant Scheme and Heritage Lottery funding.

Land Management: Management plans, landscape designs, monitoring and site evaluation.

Practical Conservation: Habitat creation, tree planting, maintenance programmes and access management.

Wold Ecology has adopted an important site for nature conservation on Flamborough Head.  Northcliff Marsh, owned by a local farmer, is an integral part of a Higher Level Stewardship Scheme supported by Natural England and the RSPB.  Wold Ecology directors Richard Baines and Chris Toohie have provided free advice and practical conservation work for nearly ten years on this site. 

Wold Ecology supports The Wolds Barn Owl Study Group, Driffield Millennium Green and RSPB projects with volunteer staff time and financial resources and is a corporate member of the RSPB and Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and benefactor of the Bat Conservation Trust.