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Barbara Hilton

  • East and North Yorkshire
  • 5 Stars

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the excellent Wetlands Birding Day on Thursday with Jono and the three other lovely people in our small group. We were so lucky with the weather and the birds – my first marsh harriers! As always with YCN, I was amazed at Jono’s ability to identify a dot in the sky and a tweet in a distant hedge as a particular species and I know it’s been a lifetime in achieving that expertise (I asked!) but it’s still impressive. The way you all have such a broad knowledge and want to pass it on and encourage people to enjoy, identify and learn about our wildlife is so inspiring. Jono also took us to ‘hidden places’ overlooking the LDV which I’ll return to next year to look for the birds and also explore the interesting villages and their historic churches in an area I thought I knew but obviously didn’t. So much to learn! Thanks for the opportunity for the great, full day out and please pass on my thanks to Jono.