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Scarborough Birders

Scarborough Castle seen from Scalby and North Bay © Richard BainesScarborough Castle seen from Scalby and North Bay © Richard Baines

Scarborough Birders is a group of people interested in the birds of the Scarborough area, and provides a network and a voice for local birdwatchers. The group organizes an annual programme of indoor lectures, held in Scarborough, giving members, young or old, novice or experienced, the opportunity to learn more about birds, locally, nationally, or internationally, and to share experiences with fellow enthusiasts. The group collects all records of bird sightings in a defined recording area, and these are collated by group members. Records are ultimately submitted to the Yorkshire Naturalist’s Union to form part of the Yorkshire Bird Report.

Wykeham Raptor View PointWykeham Raptor View Point

In 2018 Yorkshire Coast Nature Directors Steve Race and Richard Baines donated £200 towards improvement works at Wykeham Raptor View Point. This is a fabulous place to watch birds of prey from and is one of the sites we visit on our Forest and River Birding Days CLICK HERE and our YCN Goshawk Safaris CLICK HERE

Wykeham Raptor View Point YCN Birding Group 2019Wykeham Raptor View Point YCN Birding Group 2019

Scarborough Birders participates in survey work and projects on the birds and habitat improvement of the local area, with the aim of promoting conservation and assisting conservation bodies in their work. Membership of Scarborough Birders is open to anyone with an interest in the birds of the Scarborough area. To find out more about Scarborough Birders and join the group CLICK HERE