Creatures and their environments

Common Lizard plain morph - Dan Lombard ©

Species In The Spotlight: Common Lizard - The Monomorphic Polymorph.

  • Tue 28th Oct, 2014

Common Lizards are found in a real variety of colours. Males are usually spotty and females striped. Rarely, a type which has no body markings or significant colour occurs and is known as a plain morph.

© Dan Lombard

Species In The Spotlight: Hedgehog

  • Wed 17th Sep, 2014

Hedgehogs congregate in numbers only near rich feeding sites. Such gatherings are therefore characterised by much bickering and aggression.

Roosting male © Dan Lombard

Species In The Spotlight: Marbled White

  • Mon 28th Jul, 2014

Once restricted to isolated colonies on south-facing embankments, the Marbled White is now even found within York City centre. Nationally however the butterfly is on a downward population trend - we are literally losing our ‘Marbles’.

Adult female © Dan Lombard

Species In The Spotlight: Common Shrew

  • Fri 11th Jul, 2014

Life in the fast lane means shrews, with bodies that require 90% of their own weight to be consumed every 24 hours and meals no more than two or three hours apart, seldom live beyond 15 months. No wonder they are either seen fleetingly or dead!

Photo © Dan Lombard

Bird's-nest Orchid

  • Fri 20th Jun, 2014

A highlight of early summer for the Yorkshire Coast Nature team was tracking down the strange Bird’s-nest Orchid.