Creatures and their environments

Common Lizard plain morph - Dan Lombard ©

Species In The Spotlight: Common Lizard - The Monomorphic Polymorph.

  • Tue 28th Oct, 2014

Common Lizards are found in a real variety of colours. Males are usually spotty and females striped. Rarely, a type which has no body markings or significant colour occurs and is known as a plain morph.

© Dan Lombard

Species In The Spotlight: Hedgehog

  • Wed 17th Sep, 2014

Hedgehogs congregate in numbers only near rich feeding sites. Such gatherings are therefore characterised by much bickering and aggression.

Roosting male © Dan Lombard

Species In The Spotlight: Marbled White

  • Mon 28th Jul, 2014

Once restricted to isolated colonies on south-facing embankments, the Marbled White is now even found within York City centre. Nationally however the butterfly is on a downward population trend - we are literally losing our ‘Marbles’.