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European Nightjar © Dan Lombard

Wildlife Tourism Benefiting People And Birds!

  • Sun 24th Jul, 2022

What a great Nightjar Safari yesterday evening, five birds giving wonderful views perching and flying around our heads! Then this morning a fantastic review from one of my guests;

Black-browed Albatross at Bempton summer 2022 © Steve Race

What Inspires Me To Inspire Others Part 2

  • Wed 20th Jul, 2022

Continuing on from where we left… this time instead of waking up to the echo of bird song, I opened my curtains at 6.00 am to mere silence and a blanket of snow covering the landscape before me.

Maddie on her first day working on our North Yorkshire Turtle Dove Project

What Inspires Me To Inspire Others - Part 1

  • Tue 19th Jul, 2022

As a young girl I was fascinated with wildlife, I would dream of travelling to the most exotic countries to work alongside some of the most extraordinary animals and birds that graced our planet.

English Oak - Rosedale © Richard Baines

Very Old Trees Above Rosedale Abbey

  • Sun 10th Jul, 2022

When I returned home on the 1st June, I just had to write about my five wow trees!

Male Whinchat 5 May 2022. © Richard Baines

Chat Heaven

  • Fri 20th May, 2022

I can barely sleep during spring; millions of birds are arriving from Africa; it feels like a crime not to be out in the forests or wild hills, all senses working overtime.