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Champions For The Day 31st March 2020

  • Wed 18th Mar, 2020

Winning the Guardians of the Flyway trophy in our Yorkshire Terriers team in March 2018 is one of my top life moments. A very emotional trip and the combined total raised was $100,000 to help protect migrant Quail from slaughter on their flyway.

The Terriers in Israel 2018 © some local tourist!The Terriers in Israel 2018 © some local tourist!

This year’s event is raising money to save one of Europe’s most iconic birds the Steppe Eagle. These beautiful, iconic birds of prey, once widespread and common throughout their range, are now classed as Globally Endangered by the IUCN, who estimate there may now be as few as just 50,000 mature individuals left on the planet. Their plight is shocking and urgent – but, with enough support and help, it is reversible….

Steppe Eagle India Nov 2017 © Richard BainesSteppe Eagle India Nov 2017 © Richard Baines

Trouble is most of the teams cannot get to Israel to take part and raise money. So, the organisers Champions of the Flyway have come up with the brilliant idea for birders anywhere in the world to go birding on the 31st March and help publicise the fund-raising cause. This way anyone can help and enjoy birding your local patch, be it a nearby park or nature reserve or even your back garden!

How You Can Help:

  • Assemble a virtual team
  • Promote our collective efforts and the cause throughout your networks – To see the donation page CLICK HERE
  • Go Birding on March 31st (or as near as you can to Race Day) and tell the world about it.
  • please use #COTF20 in all posts so the organisers can boost your signal
  • For more information and guidelines, CLICK HERE

I will be birding close to home in York on the 31st March (or as near as I can to that date) as part of our Yorkshire Terriers virtual team and I am hoping you can do the same. So please join us and help us all #SteppeUpforEagles

Terriers logo by awesome local designer Jo Ruth Terriers logo by awesome local designer Jo Ruth

Richard Baines

Yorkshire Coast Nature and birding crazy Yorkshire Terrier!