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Fulmar © Richard Baines

Time And Tide Wait For No Man...

  • Thu 7th Feb, 2019

It had caught me out again, the tide. I had delayed too long and time had run away from me, until there were only two hours left until it was high. I donned my boots and scarf and set off to South Landing, along the dazzling white rocky shore, blindingly bright in the winter sun.

Red Sword-grass Broxa Forest © Allan Rodda

Wildlife Sightings North And East Yorkshire - January 2019

  • Sun 3rd Feb, 2019

With many birders rushing out to their local patches, the first day of the year always produces a big list of great birds.

Male Goldeneye © Steve Race

What To Look Out For - February 2019

  • Mon 28th Jan, 2019

I can’t write about wildlife in February and ignore Valentines Day. The tradition of celebrating love in the middle of what can be a chilly and rainy month with few signs of spring may seem odd, but for many birds this is the best time to get it on!

Snow Bunting on Filey Brigg © Dan Lombard

Snow Hunting...

  • Sun 20th Jan, 2019

Noses cold and scarves wrapped tight, we fought against the shoves and pulls and walked out on the peninsular above Filey Brigg.

White-fronted Goose Flamborough Headland Dec 2018 © Craig Thomas

Wildlife Sightings North And East Yorkshire - December 2018

  • Sat 12th Jan, 2019

December 2018 was a mild month full of great birds in North and East Yorkshire from migrating wild geese on the coast, White-tailed Eagle and Rough-legged Buzzard in the NP to thousands of Lapwings in the Lower Derwent Valley