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What To Look Out For

Year-round wildlife alerts and top tips on common wildlife to look out for on the coast of North and East Yorkshire

Snowdrops © Margaret Boyd

Early Spring

  • Mon 25th Jan, 2021

Is the beginning of spring really early March?

Redwing © Dan Lombard

Amazing Migrations – The Redwing

  • Sat 16th Jan, 2021

The next time I see a Redwing in our garden I will think about its home in central Russia and how closely connected to the natural world our countries are.

Red Fox Norfolk © Richard Baines

The Magic Of Foxes

  • Sat 19th Dec, 2020

Mid-winter is a great time to look out for one of our most charismatic and magical mammals the Red Fox. With a bit of luck, the first dusting of snow could make this search even more exciting!

Snow Bunting North Yorkshire © Steve Race

The First Snow

  • Sun 22nd Nov, 2020

Snow Buntings are always a delight. The flash of pure white snow flake feathers and the sweet liquid chittering calls create an instant and lasting impression.

Bohemian Waxwing North Yorkshire © Steve Race

The Sound Of Silver

  • Sun 8th Nov, 2020

I’m listening for a delicate silvery trill, the unmistakable call of a Bohemian Waxwing. These magical birds must be in everybody’s top ten of European birds. As a very good friend of mine once wrote ‘to be tired of Waxwings is to be tired of life’.