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High Rise Habicht. Two Days with the Goshawks of Berlin

High Rise Habicht. Two Days With The Goshawks Of Berlin

  • Sat 10th Feb, 2018

When I started searching for new and unusual birds in the early 1980’s Northern Goshawks were mysterious, iconic birds I only glimpsed above the dark plantations and rain swept hillsides of northern Britain.

Ring Ouzel (male) Brompton North Yorkshire © Steve Race

Wildlife Sightings North And East Yorkshire - January 2018

  • Sat 10th Feb, 2018

The first day of the year is always an exciting time for birders. Staring a New Year list or getting out to work off those holiday feasts early January always brings a rush of good sightings in the first week.

Weasel at Whitby January 2018 © Paul Paddock

What To Look Out For - February 2018

  • Fri 26th Jan, 2018

As we approach February our spirits are raised by the longer days and the thought that the worst of the winter is over… But for many animals this can be the toughest time of year.

A Day with the Sawbills...

A Day With The Sawbills...

  • Thu 4th Jan, 2018

Read about my incredible encounter with Goosanders on my local lake...

Desert Wheatear Whitby ©  Andy Hood

Wildlife Sightings - December 2017

  • Wed 3rd Jan, 2018

Compared to this time last year December 2017 was a colder affair with two short periods of snow. Find of the month goes to birder Jonnie Fisk who found a Lesser Yellowlegs near near Spurn, a first for that site! The most popular bird however was a very smart male Desert Wheatear at Whitby