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Desert Wheatear Whitby ©  Andy Hood

Wildlife Sightings - December 2017

  • Wed 3rd Jan, 2018

Compared to this time last year December 2017 was a colder affair with two short periods of snow. Find of the month goes to birder Jonnie Fisk who found a Lesser Yellowlegs near near Spurn, a first for that site! The most popular bird however was a very smart male Desert Wheatear at Whitby

Stock Dove © Dan Lombard

What To Look Out For - January 2018

  • Tue 2nd Jan, 2018

Happy new year to everyone! For wildlife enthusiasts January can be full of promise as many people get out and explore the wilder areas of Yorkshire. But what might we be missing closer to home?

Bluethroat Spurn © Dave Tucker

Wildlife Sightings - November 2017

  • Tue 5th Dec, 2017

As the 'overlap' month when autumn morphs into winter, November is one of the best and perhaps most underrated periods in the birding calendar, and for sheer variety, the penultimate month of 2017 was an excellent one here in North and East Yorkshire.

Harbour Porpoise © Richard Baines

What To Look Out For - December 2017

  • Mon 20th Nov, 2017

Mid-winter may not be the month you might think about looking for cetaceans (collective name given to whales and dolphins) on the Yorkshire coast. Well think again!

Bearded Tit at Scarborough © Alex Meek

Wildlife Sightings - October 2017

  • Wed 1st Nov, 2017

It’s amazing how two autumns can be so different! After the Siberian high pressure weather system and birds of 2016 it was all about Atlantic storms from the west in October 2017. Despite the shift there were many highlights. Rarest sightings include a massive Leatherback Turtle and a Cliff Swallow.