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Male Redstart © Mark Pearson

What To Look Out For - April

  • Mon 30th Mar, 2015

On farmland, watch for the amazing display of Lapwings and listen for their strange electric calls. Swallows return from Saharan Africa, while the North York Moors National Park and Yorkshire Wolds welcome back Tree Pipits, Redstarts, Pied Flycatchers and many more migrants!

Common Frog and frogspawn © Dan Lombard

Wildlife Sightings February 2015

  • Tue 10th Mar, 2015

100 or so Common Frogs at Beck Hole were the first we recorded mating on 27th February,although interestingly we haven't recorded any spawn since.

Brown Hares boxing © Steve Race

What To Look Out For - March

  • Fri 27th Feb, 2015

In the Great Yorkshire Forest it’s the peak month for Northern Goshawk display. These majestic birds often soar to a great height before folding their wings in a plunge dive, only to pull out of the dive in an amazing steep climb - a real rollercoaster ride!

Water Vole © Dan Lombard

Wildlife Sightings - January 2015

  • Tue 3rd Feb, 2015

Red Foxes were regularly observed in mating activity during daylight hours. Brown Hares were also regularly seen with some chasing just starting, a sure sign that mating and boxing will follow.

Field Vole © Dan Lombard

What To Look Out For - February

  • Thu 29th Jan, 2015

Most Badger cubs are born in February, after which adults reaffirm territories ready for mating.