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The Outer Head at Flamborough

Flamborough Foot-it Part 1: Off To A Flyer!

  • Fri 5th Sep, 2014

My autumn 'Foot-it' challenge for Flamborough Bird Observatory involves me seeing as many bird species as possible during September and October, writes Richard Baines. I can only record species after setting out on foot from my home. Nothing seen from car, bike, boat or roller-skates counts!

Caspian Gull © Richard Baines

August 2014 Bird Sightings Round-up

  • Thu 4th Sep, 2014

A rich and varied month here on the coast, writes YCN's Mark James Pearson, with a wide selection of notables moving through and a suitably exotic rare wader on hand to grab the headlines.

Knot © Mark James Pearson

July 2014 Bird Sightings Round-up

  • Tue 5th Aug, 2014

A generally pleasant and warm month for the most part here on the coast, with plenty to enjoy as ever, a couple of big surprises and a bumper breeding season for many species, writes YCN's Mark James Pearson

Roosting male © Dan Lombard

Species In The Spotlight: Marbled White

  • Mon 28th Jul, 2014

Once restricted to isolated colonies on south-facing embankments, the Marbled White is now even found within York City centre. Nationally however the butterfly is on a downward population trend - we are literally losing our ‘Marbles’.

Fulmars © Dan Lombard

YCN On The Waves!

  • Fri 18th Jul, 2014

Forest and Sea Tours 2014: Trip Report 12th & 13th July. Riding high on the success of our National Park Safaris and Seabird Photography Boat Trips earlier this year we were all excited about getting back amongst the best trees and waves in Yorkshire!